Monday, January 25, 2016


Dulian, Zamboanga City

I will not stop till every tribe and nation bows before Him". A promise that I committed to the Lord. But looking into my self right now seems to be far from who I am before. I've been covered by those contentment, relaxation, happiness and most of all selfishness.

 I was discouraged by those co christian who talked about me at my back, thinking thatp they were my leaders supposed to be followed. I was dismayed knowing that the same christian cousin was really different from who he was in church and in home. I find it hard to believe if there's really a christian existing in this world. Me myself can say I'm not to be called one. Months passed, no devotional, and no prayer. But I ended up hanging, I don't know what to do. I am so desperately sad. So sad. Very sad. Something is missing. And that is God. His loving presence. 

We may be discourage a lot of time. Think of Jesus. He has a lot of reason to feel the same. But He chooses to be not. In fact He choose to love us than hating us.


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