Monday, March 9, 2015

I got it, he push it

Captured from Western Mindanao State
University Campus
Around 9:33 pm March 08 2015 in our Jr church, we the youth core of our church had a meeting if we will go through with the Sunday service.
By the way it was the month of January when our Senior Pastor decided to finish his contract with the church, and we the youth core are the one who take the responsibility with the Vesper Sunday service. Of course he had mentored us before and a lot of thing we've learned from them together with his wife. It was a awesome feeling that I encountered them sharing thoughts and struggles, fears and joy. But I now accept the fact that people come and go. We all have our different calling.
So much for that it's been 2 months, and we the youth core are the one who handle d the Vesper Service it was good at first,  good number of people who attend and mostly youth. Several Sundays pass.  We have notice that the attendees are become little in number. Same faces I see. The music team are having the burdens because of the uncommitted team member who goes and lost, pause and play. Depending on their mood. And we also do not have our Pastor to be the speaker of the night what happen is that we invite speakers to preach the word of God. This are the few burdens we have. and the biggest burden is I couldn't sense the Holy Spirit in us. 
So we decided to ask each others opinion if we will go through or not. Most of us speak out and answered YES to stop the Sunday vesper service. I shared to them the Story of Mary and Martha in the book of Luke. That we are like Martha very busy in the Ministry but not in the present of God. unlike Mary who discover the most precious thing that should be done first before any other. Because I had notice that our personal devotion with the Lord had already gone because of the ministry that we had. That is why the result come to past.
Also, We lack in consolidation but I believe it all because of our personal relationship with the Lord. 

As I have said, most of us agreed except to one. That it seems he is not satisfied with the reasons, to stop the Sunday Vesper Service. And I can see it in the eyes of that person that there 's something bothering.  But what I've noticed is this. He speak "What is our purpose? Why are we doing this? is it to glorify God?", "If that so , why are you bother to the attendees? why bother if we do not have the speaker?  We can glorify God through our selves ." he added.

Now I understand people decide base on their perspective, base on what they usually do and base on their lifestyle. Because if he thinks that people are not to be worried then he is not concern about them. Who are those people? these are "the Lost", longing for an answers to their thousands questions, this are the lost that longing of "God's love".  Before the Lord Jesus Christ leave this earth He instructed us to GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES.  And this one is my concern. And why not go back to have a small group so that there is this intimate relationship with each other which I experienced in my old church,  I grew my Christian life there and also started to disciple. But he kept on yelling his head. That it's not about that. 

I understand now that the moment we did not experience such things it is hard for us to understand. In sharing and teaching it is better to let them feel, see and experience for them to understand fully. Just like the man that I am telling you earlier , he did not experienced real Discipleship and making disciple that is why it is hard for him to fully understand the real essence of being Christ Follower. Following Christ is not just worshiping God with your self alone. God want us all to be save to be with him. The Lord love us "All". 

But I got his point, still he push his point, but one thing I can say is the it is hard to bent a metal if we will not put it on fire. It is hard to cut without touching it,. One thing I've learn "Discipleship is hard to teach but simple when we start to live with it."

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